Sandwich's & Wraps


Available on either assorted breads (Whole wheat, white & rye breads) or asssorted wraps



Choice of three fillings


Chicken almond salad

Dijon Egg salad

Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Black Forest Ham & Havarti

Roast sirloin of beef with horseradish mayonnaise & cheddar

Roast turkey, chipotle mayo green onion

Marinated flank steak with caramelized onion and Swiss cheese

Pesto marinated chicken breast with feta cheese




Roasted vegetable and chevre

Mediterranean Veggie,cilantro hummus

Shrimp salad



"European Cheese Tray"

An array which may include Brie, French goat’s cheese, Stilton, and robust English cheddars served with grapes, seasonal berries, crostini & crackers


Fresh Vegetable Platters

The fun way to get your green, reds & yellows on. Garden fresh vegetables served with  dipping sauce.


Fruit Tray

A seasonal assortment of fresh fruit served with yogurt dip.


Meat & Cheese Tray

May include Camembert, cheddars, havarti , polish sausage, kielbasa, and assorted salami's served with pickles and condiments.


 Shrimp Tray

Char-grilled with a Chilli Aioli



Whether you are looking to host a retirement, birthday, anniverary or engagemnet party, we are committed to making it unforgettable.

Chef Nigel offers quality, professionalism, and culinary expertise to provide you with an unparalleled personal chef experience combining exceptional quality and value.


Gingered sweet potato & red onion slaw

Orzo, lemon and spinach

Traditional coleslaw

Broccoli, red onion and bacon

Halloumi cheese and quinoa

Cranberry, red onion cabbage slaw

Couscous, chick pea & cranberry

Wheat berries with strawberries and goat cheese

Lemony zucchini, chickpea and Lima bean salad

Roasted vegetable

Dijon new potato

Greek salad, peppers, red onion, cucumber and feta cheese

Pasta with crab or shrimp

Pesto chicken and red pepper

Thai beef and coriander

Tri fuscilli, roasted pepper and smoked salmon


Large $50 plus taxes

(serves approximately 30-40 people)


Small $25 plus taxes

(serves approximately 15-20 people)




Set & Go consists of Chef Nigel delivering your catering order to your office; I will set up on your table or credenza then go.

Any equipment or rentals will be picked up the same day unless other arrangements have been made.


Our corporate Set & Go prices have been designed for Monday to Friday; if you require a weekend drop off please talk to Chef Nigel.


Included in all Set & Go is appropriate disposable cutlery,plates,

napkins and serving utensils.


Set & Go











  • 48 hours advance notice is required for orders


  • Please contact the kitchen at 519-312-8329 to place your order, or email us @


  • Parties over 15 people a 20% gratuity will be added


  • All lunches include disposable plates, cutlery, and napkins.


  • Client is responsible for all equipment.


  • Applicable taxes, delivery, and tray charges will be added to the final bill.


  • For pricing information please call Chef Nigel @ 519-312-8329


  • Prices subject to change without notice.







Chef Nigel’s hot meals are delivered in a chaffing dish to keep your hot food HOT. (Minimum of eight guests please)



Combo 1

Walnut crusted chicken breast served with quinoa pilaf and seasonal fresh vegetables.

Baby spinach salad

Assorted finger desserts.


Combo 2

Lasagna Traditional meat, chicken or squash & rapini

 served with Caesar salad, rolls & foccacia bread

Dessert brochette.


Combo  3

Grilled lemon & garlic marinated pork or chicken souvlaki (2 kabobs per person), Vegetable rice pilaf, fresh cucumber and citrus tzatziki, traditional Greek salad



Combo 4~ Vegetarian

Portobello stack (roasted peppers, zucchini, and sweet onion, topped

with tomato basil sauce and mozzarella cheese), served

with almond bulgur wheat and seasonal

fresh vegetables. Kale & green salad

Fresh fruit


Combo 5

"Butter chicken Currylicious"

Lightly spiced curry chicken

Mixed Asian vegetables, basmati rice

Green salad and finger desserts.


Combo 6

Classic chicken or veal parmesan

Pasta & grilled vegetables,

Carrot, raisin and fennel salad

Fruit crisp.




(Minimum of 8 boxed lunches please)


For lunch on the move ~ try one of our boxed lunches. All boxed luncheon foods are individually portioned in plastic containers with appropriate plastic cutlery and salad dressing.


Executive boxed lunch Combo A

 Pesto shrimp skewers with a lemon  

mayonnaise served on fresh mixed greens with balsamic dressing.

 Orzo, lemon and caramelized onion salad

 Lemon yogurt cake


Executive boxed lunch Combo B

 Sliced, chilled stuffed boneless chicken breast

(Chicken stuffed with pepperoni and mozzarella cheese

cheese) served with a tomato chutney.

 Sundried tomato pesto pasta salad • California mixed greens

 Mandarin orange cake


Executive boxed lunch Combo C

 Chilled rare roast five spiced Duck breast sliced thin

and garnished with a cranberry pear relish,

 Sweet corn and roasted pepper salad

 Baby spinach salad

 Fruit brochette


Executive boxed lunch Combo D

Sliced, chilled stuffed boneless chicken breast

(Chicken stuffed with Italian sausage meat)

 Couscous and roasted fennel salad

 Green salad

 Double ginger cake with lemon butter cream


Executive boxed lunch Combo E

 Sliced, chilled stuffed boneless chicken breast

(Chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomato & feta

cheese) served with minted yogurt.

 Traditional Greek salad

 California mixed greens

 Pumpkin cake and allspice cream


Executive boxed lunch Combo F

 Chilled rare roast beef tenderloin sliced thin, garnished with a dill caper mayo, sweet cucumber salad and crisp fried onion fritters.

 Roasted vegetable tri colour fusilli pasta salad, baby spinach salad

Lemon tart






These are some popular choices:

Leek & Potato


Cerlery root & squash


Cheddar Cheese and Beer

Carrot and Ginger

Butternut Squash and Apple

Tomato and Basil


Assorted Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer & Orange


Fruit Juices

Orange, Apple, Cranberry & V8



Flavoured Water, Spring Water



Chocolate & 2% White


Coffee, Tea & Green Tea




Cookie Assortment

Rum, Raisin & Chocolate Brownies

Butter Tarts

Homemade Apple Pie

Lemon Tart

Orange & Olive Oil Sponge

Almond Tart

Warm Bread & Butter Pudding

Fresh Fruit Kebobs



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