Chicken lasagna - with three cheeses and marinara sauce


Turkey, fennel & sausage pasta bake - Hearty comfort food at its best.


Chicken piccatta - pan fried breast with lemon, butter and capers.


Chicken Cacciatore - Chicken braised in a rich tomato and roasted red pepper sauce


Coq au vin - Lightly braised in the red wine sauce for one hour to add depth to the flavour and tenderize the meat.


Red pesto chicken - Chicken breast with oven roasted peppers in a red pesto & basil sauce


Butter chicken- Marinated in Asian spices, finished with tomatoes, cream & almond.


Pecan Chicken- whole breast coated with honey Dijon mustard and walnuts


Chicken and Ham Pie    - Strips of chicken breast, gammon and sliced leeks covered in a creamy velouté sauce with chopped parsley and topped with our all butter short crust pastry


Lemon  & tarragon chicken - Chicken breast pieces in a creamy white wine sauce with tarragon and orange zest garnished with julienne of carrot


Chicken paprika – seasoned and pan sautéed with tomatoes, green peppers


Chicken Alexander - Chicken strips, mushrooms and peppers in a white wine and sherry sauce.


Chicken, fennel and tomato ragout - Chicken simmered with fennel and potatoes


Chicken and broccoli bake -In a rich sauce topped with seasoned breadcrumbs & cheese.


Chicken Dijon - Marinated oven-roasted breast of chicken in a white wine and mustard sauce with caramelized red onions.


Cashew Chicken – sautéed chicken breast with carrots, green onion, orange ginger sauce


Turkey Meatloaf - combined with goat cheese with orange plum glaze


Turkey with cream sauce - turkey loins in creamy wine sauce


Turkey meatballs with scallions, cranberries and maple sauce


Chef Nigel is dedicated to creating the ultimate in customized meals in order to simplify your lifestyle with an emphasis on likes,

dislikes and any health retrictions.

Meal Plans make great gifts for busy families, professionals, seniors , busy parents or convelancing persons. Everyone appreciates and can benefits from home made meals. Chef Nigel helps families get back to the table by giving busy people much needed time. We will plan your menu, shop for your groceries, and do all the preparation.


Below are some sample meal package items.



Lamb Koftas- Lamb koftas lightly seasoned with chili, ginger and garlic in a spicy tomato sauce.


Moroccan spiced lamb stew- Tender leg of lamb pieces braised in Moroccan spices with apricots, dates and chickpeas


Shepherds Pie - Tender minced leg of lamb and diced carrots, topped with mashed potato


Irish stew - Lamb cubes are browned then cooked with broth, garlic, potatoes, onions, peas, and mushrooms.


Jamaican Curried Lamb - Crockpot lamb recipe with lamb cubes, habanera pepper, curry, allspice, and other Jamaican spices and ingredients.




Mini meatloaves - Individually wrapped in bacon


Chili - Medium spiced minced beef with tomato, oregano, red chilies and kidney beans


Tomato beef stew - We braise the beef until tender together with tomatoes and potatoes for a full bodied rich sauce.


Cottage Pie - Tender minced beef with onion, carrot and leeks topped with mashed potato


Sweet potato shepherd's pie - Tender minced beef with onion, tomatoes and peas topped with sweet potato


Classic Lasagna - Layers of prime minced beef, lasagna, mature farmhouse cheddar cheese sauce and topped with cheddar cheese.


Braised beef and mushrooms - Stewing beef braised with cremini mushroom.


Brandied Meatballs – hand made meatballs in an onion barbeque sauce


Meatloaf - Prime beef with mushroom medley


Beef & broccoli stir fry - Beef steak and broccoli with garlic and ginger.


Italian beef stew - Rich hearty stew with tender chunks of beef are smothered in a garlicky tomato-and-black olive sauce.


Pork stroganoff - Pork strips are braised until tender then added to a sherry, brandy and paprika sauce with mushrooms


Stuffed Pork with sun dried tomatoes, spinach with rosemary Pinot sauce


Allspice rubbed Pork – pork tenderloin and rum soaked raisins finished with cream.


Coriander Pork – with ginger infused carrot jus


Raspberry Pork - Slow roasted pork tenderloin with a tangy raspberry sauce


Glazed pork – seasoned pork tenderloin slow roasted with grainy mustard and molasses.


Pomegranate Pork – rubbed with allspice & finished with pomegranate reduction


Mushroom Shepherd's pie - Seasoned mushrooms topped with swiss cheese infused mash.


Vegetable tagine with chick peas and raisins - simmered with Asian spices


Squash casserole - Squash, beans and tomatoes, finished with fresh orange chucks.


Kale and Lentil stew - simmered with cumin and cinnamon


Mushroom and spinach lasagna - Oven roasted mushrooms and baby spinach in a creamy sherry sauce layered with pasta and topped with Cheddar cheese.


Squash lasagna - Butternut squash and walnuts finished with parmesan and mozzarella cheeses


Spinach and ricotta cannelloni - Spinach and ricotta cannelloni in a tomato and basil sauce topped with cheddar cheeses


Baked pasta with four Cheeses - Pasta noodles layered with marinara sauce, parmesan, mozzarella, cottage and provolone cheeses


Lima bean masala - onion, garlic,garam masala, spinach and cilantro


Ultimate macaroni and cheese - Macaroni in a creamy mature Old Cheddar cheese sauce, topped with onions and bacon


Sweet potato lasagna – sweet potatoes, garlic, bechamel sauce and mozzarella cheese

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